Would You Stock HiyaHiya Fixed Straight Needles?

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We are looking to introduce Fixed Straight Needles into the HiyaHiya range and we need your feedback.

These needles are made from sharp stainless steel and come in 15cm and 20cm lengths.

They come in delicate sizes of around 2.00mm and include a fixed glittery Bead Stopper on the end. Please answer here to tell us if you would stock them and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

You can also email josie@hiyahiya-europe.com with your feedback.

Yarn Store of the Month: Sklep-IK

SKLEP 3.png

The Yarn Store of the Month for June is the wondrous online emporium, SKLEP-IK, which stocks a fantastic range of HiyaHiya products. Based in Poland, the store specialises in beautifully handcrafted yarns, sourced from across Europe. This includes the unique Estonian Artistic Yarn manufactured by Aade Long.

Business owner, Andrzej Mackiewicz, told us what makes his store special:
“We want our customers to feel like they are in a small neighbourhood shop – they should feel special, appreciated and welcome. And it does not matter whether they buy a lot or just one skein. We are full of ideas to make Sklep-IK an even a better place for yarn lovers.”

SKLEP 2.png

Andrzej also let us in on the history of the store:
“My wife created the site http://www.intensywniekreatywna.pl, a place where Polish knitters can learn, be inspired, and share their work. It was only natural that we soon thought about our own yarn shop. For my wife, knitting has always been as necessary as breathing and sleeping. She has been knitting since her childhood and it went from there really!”

And their favourite HiyaHiya product?
“The Interchangeable Sets are our favourite products. My wife is the best example of how knitters love them – she has three different sets and it would be impossible to convince her to give away even one of them! Also the HiyaHiya Panda Cable Stoppers and Point Protectors are just adorable!”

Yarn Store of the Month: Strickcafé

The Yarn Store of the Month for May is the innovative and exciting Strickcafé based in Aarau, Switzerland, which is owned Ulrike Lukas and her daughter, Anna.

Strickcafé was established in the autumn of 2008 and it has since blossomed into a successful business with the company expanding into a larger warehouse in Aarau to make space for their ever increasing amount of stock.

strickcafe 1

On Strickcafé’s wonderful website you will be able to find a wide variety of Drops Design and Lang yarn as well as exquisite hand-dyed yarns from Madelinetosh, Malabrigo and Freia. You will also find a brilliant array of HiyaHiya products including the HiyaHiya Interchangeable Range and gift sets.

Knitters can visit their beautiful showroom every Saturday as well as in the mornings from Tuesday to Friday. Strickcafé also offers a variety of knitting courses which are taught by talented designers.

strickcafe 2

Anna says:
“There’s always a pot of tea ready for our customers. We have a big table in our shop where people can sit down, have a cup of tea, knit and talk. We love it when our customers start talking to each other about knitting!”

To find out more visit www.strickcafe.ch and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Deluxe and Deluxe Plus Circular Gift Sets

Offer your customers HiyaHiya Europe’s most complete interchangeable circular knitting experience with the exciting new Deluxe and Deluxe Plus Gift Sets! These unique and luxurious sets provide an extensive range of Interchangeable Tips and Cables as well as a selection of handy accessories.

The sets are available in 5″ in bamboo and 4″ and 5″ in steel and sharp.

deluxe red with border

Each gift set contains every size of small Interchangeable Cable as well as Tip Adapters, Cable Connectors and Needle Grips, small Panda Cable Stoppers and colourful Knitter’s Safety Pins, all presented in a trademark HiyaHiya brocade Interchangeable Case.

Deluxe Sets include 13 pairs of Interchangeable Tips and Deluxe Plus Sets include 16 pairs of Interchangeable Tips.

deluxe blue border

Strong Growth for HiyaHiya Europe

HiyaHiya has enjoyed fantastic growth over the last couple of months, with successful trade shows and increasing brand awareness. With over 370 Official HiyaHiya Europe Stockists across Europe and beyond, we would like to welcome our latest retailers to the knitting revolution! They include PurlKnitPurl in Russia, Lenas Garn in Sweden, The Crochet Caravan in the UK, Fru Kvist in Norway and Wloczykijki in Poland. Klubnitok in Ukraine, SaDi’s Hexenkessel and Carakess in Germany and EYLUL yarns in Japan.

retailersIf you have registered with us and are thinking of placing your first order, why not take a look at our Retail Packs. If you would like some more information, please email josie@hiyahiya-europe.com.


New and Exclusive Accessory Sets


We are delighted to introduce HiyaHiya Europe’s brand new Accessory Sets. With a strong focus on fun and colour, these sets have been designed to include HiyaHiya’s most popular and useful accessories. We hope that you are as excited about them as we are!

ac sets 2

Both sets are now available to order and include Yarn Ball Stitch Markers, Animal Snips, Tape Measure, Knitter’s Safety Pins, Darn It Needles and small and large Panda Point Protectors. Accessory Set C also includes Stitch Holders and is presented in a brocade Accessory Case, while Accessory Set D includes Cable Needles and the luxurious HiyaHiya Project Bag.

HiyaHiya 9″ Fixed Circular Needles

Looking for small fixed circular needles? Then why not try the 9″ Fixed Circular Needles from HiyaHiya.

HiyaHiya 9” Fixed Circular Needles are the perfect circular needles for knitters looking for a short fixed circular needle made from high-quality materials. The needles are especially popular with sock knitters as they offer a simple alternative to having to use several Double Pointed Needles whilst making socks.

HiyaHiya Fixed Circular Needles are strong and durable, with their flexible cables and seamless joins. HiyaHiya 9” Fixed Circular Needles are ideal for making socks, sleeves and other small circular knitting projects.

HiyaHiya 9” Fixed Circular Needles are available in resin-injected bamboo in sizes from 2.0mm up to 5.50mm, tapered Stainless Steel Sharp in sizes from 2.0mm up to 5.50mm and hollow Stainless Steel in sizes from 1.50mm up to 5.50mm.

9” Fixed Circular Needles also feature in a range of HiyaHiya’s gift sets such as the 9” Circular Sock Sets (below) which are presented in an exquisite HiyaHiya brocade Project Bag.

Another popular Gift Set the Fixed Circular Needles are included in is the Ultimate 9” Combined Sock Set (featured below) which comes all wrapped up in a HiyaHiya DPN Case, this set is available in bamboo and sharp. For the avid knitter, the Ultimate 9” Combined Sock Sets are available in both bamboo and sharp and feature DPNs and handy HiyaHiya Accessories including a Needle Gauge, Darn It Needles and Kitty Snips.