Amigurumi – The Japanese art of crocheting cute, stuffed creatures has taken the crafting world by storm! These lovely patterns are a great idea for making personalised, handcrafted gifts for your friends and family. We have created a list of some of our favourites for you to get inspired! Crochet hooks at the ready!

Anne’s ‘Cheeseburger Amigurumi’ on

This pattern is almost good enough to eat! A perfect gift idea for a cheeseburger fan, this lovely pattern is created in separate components and then built up into the burger and finished with a set of cute eyes. Available as a free, written pattern on amigurumifood


Find Anne on Ravelry as AmigurumiFood


Mary Dickerson’s ‘Amigurumi Cupcake Container’ on CraftyTutorials

A perfect way to upcycle your old plastic containers, this pattern transforms a plain old margarine tub into a cute cupcake box. A great place to hide goodies or gifts, once closed it simply looks like an amigurumi softie. Available as a written pattern on CraftyTutorials

Find Mary on Ravelry as Mary-D

Somruthai Maugard’s ‘Yellow Baby Duck Bowl Amigurumi’ on Ravelry

This lovely little baby duck is a perfect solution to storing your bits and bobs such as phone, jewellery or even your little notions. Her lovely pattern is written with clear, step by step instructions as well as photographs, making it suitable for even the newest crocheter. Available as a downloadable pattern from Ravelry

Find Somruthai on Raverly as handdrawnyarn

Joyce D. Lewis’ ‘Pineapple Luggage Tag’ on Ravelry

This lovely little pattern is great for attaching to your luggage to help identify it on the conveyor belt or even simple as a little bag tag. A great way to use up any bits of leftover yarn! Available as a downloadable pattern from Ravelry

Find Joyce on Ravelry as Dunnica

Jillian Hewitt’s ‘Scuttles the Crab’ on SpinAYarnCrochet

Who doesn’t love a little amigurumi keychain? Jillian has created a whole collection of sea creatures for you to crochet. These patterns are all easy to follow and contain lots of pictures and tips along the way. Find Scuttles and all his little buddies on SpinAYarnCrochet

Find Jillian on Ravelry as SpinaYarnCrochet

Lisa Kingsley’s ‘Ladybug Pillow Pal’ on Ravelry

This versatile little pattern is a great idea for a gift for the little person in your life. The crochet square-shaped pillow folds in half to form a softie toy, ideal for travelling or even just to use at home. Available as a downloadable pattern from Ravelry

Find Lisa on Ravelry as Ivanabot

Michelle Alvarez’ ‘Mimi the Friendly Unicorn’ on Etsy

Since its recent rise in popularity, unicorns are everywhere! This gorgeous little crocheted softie will be loved by children and adults alike. Available as a downloadable pattern from Raverly

Find Michelle on Ravelry as michellealvarez


Melissa’s ‘Pencil Keychain’ on Ravelry

These lovely little pencil keychains are a lovely gift idea for a teacher or even a writer. The simple pattern is suitable for crocheters of all levels and can be worked up in a very short space of time. Great for a last-minute project! Available as a free, downloadable pattern from Ravelry

Find Melissa on Ravelry as BlossomBoutique

Heidi Bears’ ‘Happypotamus The Happy Hippo’ on Ravelry

This cute little hippo is made up of African Flower shapes joined together to form the animal’s shape. This motif is imperative to this pattern, making it ideal for someone learning or recently mastered the craft. Available as a downloadable pattern from Ravelry

Find Heidi on Ravlery as HeidiBears


The Left-Handed Crocheter’s ‘Avocado’ on Ravelry

This super cute avocado amigurumi doll is one of our office favourites! At only 7 inches tall, this would make a great cuddly gift for your avocado loving friends. Available as a downloadable pattern from Ravelry

Find The Left-Handed Crocheter on Ravelry as SpokaneJennifer

 Jennifer Ramirez’ ‘Amigurumi Tea Cup’ on TheSunAndTheTurtle

A perfect pattern for those who are new to crochet and amigurumi. This lovely little tea cup can be used as a pin cushion, bag charm or simple as a nice little gift for someone. Available as a free, written pattern from TheSunAndTheTurtle

Find Jennifer on Ravlery as JenniferRamirez

Eserehtanin (Nina)’s ‘The Sleepy Fox on Eserehtanin

This adorable little fox amigurumi pattern is one we’re sure you’ll enjoy crafting. Nina has kindly written out her pattern with very clear and concise instruction, meaning you should be able to work it up without too much issue. Available as a free, written pattern from Eserehtanin

Find Nina on Ravlery as Eserehtanin


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